Feel Happee, be coulorful!

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HappeeBaggee is all about sharing and enjoying the vibrant colours, rich culture, and authentic traditions of Guatemala.


Let HappeeBaggee fill your day with happiness – Guatemalan style!


Timeless innovation

Each HappeeBaggee is made with love and care. Every accessory combines recycled materials and ancient weaving techniques that have been passed on by artisan families from generation to generation.

depier 866 x 577

Durable and made to last

From ancient times until the present day, the time-honored technique of weaving is used for its ability to create durable and reinforced products. Combined with the strength and flexibility of plastic, your woven HappeeBaggee will stay beautiful and functional for generations.


Easy to clean

A broken bottle, leaking package, splashed banana or even just dirt from placing your bag on the ground — bags get dirty when we use them, plain and simple. Fortunately, HappeeBaggee is very easy to clean with a bit of water, soap or tissue.


Versatile and stylish

HappeeBaggee is a fashionable, comfortable multipurpose bag that can accompany you on all your adventures. From practical grocery shopping to a sunny day at the beach to a romantic picnic: HappeeBaggee suits your outfit and fits into your lifestyle.

easy to handle

Lightweight and easy to handle

Whatever you are carrying is heavy enough! So we designed HappeeBaggee to be light, with strong and comfortable handles in case you have to carry a lot. So your bag doesn’t just take care of your stuff, but of your hands and shoulders too.

environment 866 x 577

Environmentally Friendly

HappeeBaggee is made out of partially recycled plastic. And because it’s made to last, it’s good for the environment and reduces consumption. You can use this bag for generations. Think about all the disposable bags that you will save over the years!

More than a bag…

Bring a bit of Mayan magic into your everyday life with a handmade Guatemalan worry doll. This handmade doll comes with every bag you buy and is exclusive to HappeeBaggee.

In the highlands of Guatemala where HappeeBaggee is made, an ancient Maya legend is still alive.

The Guatemalan worry doll is a great listener! You can confide all your worries and fears to the doll. Before you go to sleep, hide the doll under your pillow. While you are far away in dreamland, the worry doll will take care of all your worries and fears, relieving you from your sorrows, pressure and anxiety. Freed from this stress, you will wake up happier and ready to seize the day.

Our mission

HappeeBaggee aims to share and enjoy the vibrant colours, craftsmanship and cheerfulness that is so typical in Guatemalan life. By creating durable fashionable accessories partially made out of recycled plastic, we want to contribute to a better environment as well as the independence and wellbeing of our artisans’ families.

While bringing you colour and cheer, HappeeBaggee also aims to bring more happiness into the lives of the weavers who make our bags. We do this not through charity, but by giving them real value for the exceptional work they do.

Be happee, share your colourfulness!

  • Making a difference

    We are a social business striving to create a positive impact in Guatemala and the rest of the world. We want to stimulate recycling of plastic as well as reduce plastic waste by creating demand for our fashionable and ethically produced bags. We create possibilities for our weavers, by paying a fair price for the excellent products they make.

  • Empowering vulnerable groups

    We work mainly with indigenous women. They often don’t earn enough to feed their children, much less send them to school. By earning money through honest work, these women earn enough to provide their children with proper nutrition and a chance at a better future.

  • Investing in self-sufficient communities

    We invest in our artisans by paying them a fair price, and through our personal involvement in the production process. We don’t invest in expensive social or educational programs. HappeeBaggee believes that our weavers know best where their well-deserved, hard-earned money should be spent.

  • Providing consistency and sustainability

    We work with the same group of skilled weavers to guarantee consistent quality. This also guarantees the weavers with a sustainable increase in income. This allows for long term financial planning and enables true change.

  • Motivated by passion and adventure

    We are a start-up company full of dedication and passion for the work we do. We work with volunteers and partners to make HappeeBaggee a success. We trust that empathy, honesty, collaboration and responsibility brings Happee adventures!


Our artisans live in conditions we would call basic, even poor. Yet in spite of their humble surroundings, they are vibrant and powerful women: full of life and happiness, grateful for all they have. Every day, they fight for their children, their homes, their hopes for the future.. Every bag they produce brings them one step closer to making their dreams a reality. And every bag sold helps HappeeBaggee share their inspiring attitude towards life with the world, making it a more colorful place to live. Read their stories below. Share their dreams. And help us make those dreams come true.


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